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I am a small-town business coach, podcaster, and educator with some massive dreams.  I'm obsessed with: smoothies, fitness, and helping women live their best life by realizing their dreams. 

I'm Amanda!

I haven't always been where I'm at now: with a podcast, coaching biz, and creating courses. 

Just a few years ago you could have found me wearing scrubs, overwhelmed trying to stay on top of life. 

I was 19 when I got pregnant and I thought my life was over... dramatic? Yes! But it was truly how I felt at the time. 

I thought because I had kids so young all my dreams had to get place on hold and I had to devote myself to taking care of them + the hubs. 

One day I woke up and realized that if life didn't change.... if I didn't change, I would simply stay stuck in my mindset, my habits, and the hard. 

So, I picked up a camera again with the intention of getting us out of the hell hole I was sure we were living and it led me to running the business I have. 


Today you can find me snuggled up in our Southern Utah home with the hubs by my side and kids piled on top for a good movie night. 


At the moment...

I probably have a smoothie in my hand, computer in my lap, and am dreaming up ways I can help other mamas build lives they dream of living.

Wanna know what lights a fire under my buns? Helping YOU realize that you are enough and you can create your dream life with the tools already inside you. Sometimes all we need is someone to hold our hand and show us that we aren't alone + mama, I promise you're not. 

I'm here to grant you permission to dream big + tell you you can when the doubts are telling you that you can't. 

If I can inspire you to take action toward living your best life, then I'll consider my job done! 

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