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If you love to laugh then this is the place where we offer you the most AMAZING photo session you've ever had. 

We have a team of professionals ready to give you the experience we are known for with fun sessions, quick turnaround, and being your friend! Kindness matters most 'round here!

We capture your Beauty Behind Life's Chaos by photographing 100+ sessions each year. We offer you an experience that even those who hate having their photos taken love! 


I was the worn out mama doing all the things... 

Just a few years ago I was the tired mama trying to do all the things. 

I didn't know what I wanted out of life and all of my limiting beliefs held me back. 

My only out was the digital camera we bought with a gift card we got for Christmas one year. 

One day I hopped on the personal development train which led to hiring a business coach, and now finding my first associate to join the team. 

A lot of breakthroughs later, here we are, ready to serve + eager to grow! 

Most days you'll find me with a top knot in my hair, yoga pants on, and a smoothie in my hand hanging with the kids! 


Owner of Amanda Clark Photography

White Sheet + Brand Photographer 

Amanda leads the team based in Southern Utah and always pushes them to brave their own mountains to create a life they love! 

When she's not shooting, marketing, networking, and being the boss, you can find her adventuring in the mountains with the fam chasing bear all summer long! 

She lives in workout clothes, loves fitness + ALWAYS has a smoothie in her hand!


Lead Wedding and Family Photographer

View Harlee's Portfolio

Harlee is a calm and collected photographer, Marketing student, and traveler- always adventuring with friends and living life to the fullest.


She's an expert at providing a calm, cool photography experience. Working at a Daycare deems her a master wrangler of kids! 

Harlee is a Disney enthusiast, loves reading a good book, and spending as much time as possible with those that she loves! 


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