Gifting Photo Sessions to yourself | Cedar City, Utah Photographer

There's nothing I love more than when women come to me and gift a session to themselves. This is something that I don't do often enough and gosh there is something so empowering about having yourself photographed and being able to view yourself as others do. I feel that these sessions give you such an opportunity to see yourself through someone else's lens + love yourself a little more. When Ruth called me needing a session last minute, I was so happy to accommodate. With the world being the way it was, she was unable to try the dresses she purchased for it in store and she was grateful I could provide backup in case they didn't fit. She knows herself well because they fit her beautifully an

Allison Pregnant with twins | Southern Utah Studio Photographer

This darling mama is pregnant with twins!! I always thought about how nice it would be to get two babies with one pregnancy, but then I imaging having two six-month-old babies crawling around or two one year olds running amuck and I think maybe life with one isn't so bad! Allison said her husband is finally able to talk about it without having mini panic attacks and she's coming around to the idea that life is going to be crazy! I feel that if you have twins for your first, you just don't know any different, but they have a three year old at home so they definitely know the one baby gig! Either way, they are so excited to welcome these babes into the world and I couldn't be more grateful for

Post-Partum Depression and making game plan | Southern Utah Mama + Photographer

We mamas know that being pregnant + having a baby leaves us riding a roller coaster of emotions. Weird cravings, being uncomfortable, pushing or cutting out a human, squishy parts that weren't squishy before + alll the hormones. Oh do I remember the days! When I had my first baby, I struggled a lot with Post-Partum Depression however, it wasn't something that was openly talked about then like it is now. I remember my doctor asking me if I was suicidal or had thoughts of harming my baby and whew, I was wondering what on earth. Fast forward a few weeks and although my thoughts never really got too dark, I was most certainly down. I remember one night being in the shower and having Kenna in her

M Newborn | Southern Utah Studio Photographer

The sacrifices we make as mothers to bring our children into this world. This boy's mama carried him at the expense of her hip which she had replaced in hopes of more comfortably carrying a future child. The recovery didn't go as planned which left her in pain and and uncomfortable during pregnancy. She also had a knee replacement years ago they believe having them as close together as she did caused her other hip to compensate as she healed and it caused a small tear on the opposite side. Sheesh, talk about going through all the things here! As this pregnancy progressed, the pain did also. Pushing her hip to its limits and leaving her using a walker to get around right after giving birth. O

How I can serve your business | Southern Utah Commercial Photographer

You start a company and it begins to grow. Suddenly you find yourself running ragged trying to do all the things all while learning to become a photographer + edit allll the photos too. You quickly realize that by trying to be all the things, you get great at one area only to turn around and realize you've neglected another. Do you know that feeling? I know I do! That's what I'm here for. I am here for you to not only cheer you on, but to help you move forward in the most beautiful way. I am here to take that load off your shoulders so you can work on growing your business instead of trying to stay on top of it all. I am here to learn your story and help you build a brand through imagery t

Past experiences that have shaped me into who I am | Becoming a mom at 19 | Cedar City, UT Photograp

Hello friends! There has been something that I have wanted to talk about for the longest time, but never really knew how to put into words. I lived my life for other's for so long that I got lost so deep in the forest it has taken me years to find my way out. I've been working on myself mentally the last few years, and it dredged up old memories that are a part of my story and I have now realized these experiences shaped me into who I am. I feel that these experiences are an opportunity for growth and we can either take them + learn to rise above it or we let it consume us and the cycle continues. Let's just say my childhood wasn't all sunshine and skittles, but the mental strength it taught

Chase those dreams Mama | Southern Utah Family Photographer

I'd always dreamed of being a photographer. Ever since I was young, I was the girl with a camera in my hand. Somehow I always had a plethora of disposable cameras and one was with me at all times. I would photograph life, friends, the random things we did, and oh our poor pets! My sister and I would photograph them Anne Geddes style. As I got older, my Grandma bought me my first film camera. I was smitten to say the least. Again, I have no clue where those rolls of film came from, but I seemed to have an endless supply. As I grew older, I always wondered what I would do with photography; what I would want to photograph for my business. I continued documenting life through high school, but sl

Teach our kids to be accepting of all | Southern Utah Photographer

I will be the first to say that I am not claiming to be amazing at this, but I feel that I need to say something. I had no clue for about a few days as to what was going on with the George Floyd story. We had been up hunting and I saw the hashtag floating around as well as some of the influencers that I follow sharing things to their stories. I finally looked it up one night as I was climbing into bed and watching the video made me so sick to my stomach and ashamed at what I saw. Growing up the way I did with a Dad that would yell things out of his car window at people as they walked down the street while I cringed in the back seat left me setting goals to be different than he was. Watching

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