A dad's survival guide for family photos | Southern Utah Photographer

I know that there's the saying, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy," but I believe that also goes for dad as well as the kids! It's a team effort to keep the family happy especially on family picture day. Dad, we all know that you don't always love getting your photo taken. I must say from my own experience however, most dads are good sports about it + I'm sure you are too! I have only had one session that dad was griping about it all and I am here to tell ya that it plays into the mood of everyone in the family. So, I thought I would write a little survival guide to help a dad out. So if your wife passes the phone and asks you to read something, you can thank me at your session! Here

Green fields family session | Cache Valley, Utah

I moved to Southern Utah four years ago and one of the first things I remember thinking to myself was not only how ugly everything was, but also how small the mountains were! ha I grew up in Cache Valley surrounded by lush green fields and endless opportunities for session locations. Then we moved to the Southern Utah desert and let's just say it took a minute to get used to! I love it now, but I also love a good excuse to go back and shoot sessions in the green when we are up visiting family. This family was so darling! She won a giveaway and I was so excited to be able to head back up north and take their photos. They had the most darling baby girl + mom is also a photographer! Yes, it was

Empowering women with White Sheet Boudoir Sessions | Southern Utah Studio

I feel that no matter our shape or size we as women tend to be a little harder on ourselves than most. Perhaps this is seeing our Mothers grow up with body image issues or the fact that for so long media put such an unattainable physique into the world. Either way I am finding the power in White Sheet Sessions. A lot of times moms will come to me saying that they want to do one for their husband and then I receive the most beautiful messages about how beautiful they felt and how they finally see themselves in a different way. It brings tears to my eyes to hear words like these: "Thank you so very much for taking my photos! I've been struggling so much with my self image/self esteem lately an

April Family Session | Southern Utah Photographer

There's nothing I love more than seeing clients time + time again! This mama travels up each year to escape the Arizona heat and enjoy some time together with her family. Every year she books a shoot for her boys, but this time, I talked her into joining them. There is nothing more special than being a mom and even being a photographer, I find it hard to get myself in front of the camera. When you are gone, will you exist in photos with your kids? I sure hope so. This is the legacy we leave behind and having a tangible memory to go along with the stories our kids will continue to tell is such an amazing gift. We create memories together. I'm no the gal that will ask you to look at the camera

Cedar City, Utah Studio Photographer | JJ Cake Smash!

Boy oh boy I love celebrating with you mamas when your babies turn one + this guy's session was no exception. I'll be the first to tell ya, once you have kids, time flies fast! I believe it flies fast regardless, but at the pace kids grow, it just seems to like it moves at warp speed! I met JJ's dad Jasen four years ago when they came to look at the townhouse we were renting. We had a short term lease and our house was close to being finished. They wanted out of California and to live somewhere that felt safer for their family. Funny story is he ended up booking a pregnancy session for his lady and after that session Crystal and I became friends. Jasen owned a tattoo studio here in town but

Getting your kids to wear what you want

The struggles of independent kids right? I feel ya, I FEEL ya! My first daughter was pretty easy and was happy with the clothes I picked out, but as she got older, she began to develop her own taste and this is where the struggle began. It seems as you have more kids you get a little lazier about caring what they wear and this is definitely where I went wrong having multiple kids! ha My girls seemed to be a little more picky than my boy, but sheesh, there aren't too many options for boys so polos and tees it was + pick your favorite color. The girls on the other hand quit liking dresses, pink, and the way clothes fit. So, we had to make a compromise to get out the door on time each day + I p

Life and feelings | Don't give up on your dreams or believe what you are told

Lately as I've really been diving into myself mentally, there has been a piece of me that keeps rearing it's head begging me to share. I don't know why, but today is the day that I get it all off my chest. In all honesty, I have always had the desire to write a book about my life because seriously, there are parts of it that would make a pretty fantastic TV series, but the one goal that I have had my entire life is to not let my past define me. We could start with childhood and my biological Dad. Sorry guys, my childhood wasn't full of sunshine and skittles. As much as I wanted it to be, it wasn't. Instead it was full of wrecked cars and lots of police officers. Screaming and fighting in the

Lucy Newborn | Cedar City, UT Studio Photographer

You guys, this little lady was a dream! I'm finding that the sweet spot for Newborn sessions is between 5-7 days. They are still soooo squishy + they're still a little more sleepy. Big sister during this session was adorable and wanted nothing to do with it... at all! ha It took a lot of coaxing and letting her just be to get the photos we did with her in them. Her world just got rocked and she wasn't sure what to think about being in the studio! Regardless of all of the excitement, it felt good to be back at it with a darling family. This was baby number two and mom said she was feeling better as far as recovery goes with this one than she did her first. Gosh, she went all natural for her b

Celebrating the fourth with people that mean the most | Cedar City Photographer

I'm pretty sure the fourth is one of my favorite holidays. Although it will look a whole lot different this year, our family tradition will remain the same. Every year, Dustin's (my hubby) dad mows his pasture into a baseball diamond and we have a big family baseball game the night of the third. To be honest, Logan cancelling their fireworks wasn't the end of the world to me because we make the drive up for the game. When the fireworks are happening, the kids are running amuck through the yard and we are typically catching up with family that we don't get to see as often as we used to. This is one holiday that will be written in the history book of our family and each year's game of baseball

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