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Today was the first time in a long time that I realized I hadn't cried in months. All my emotions came flooding out in an instant and without warning. I was dropping off my preschooler and I glanced over at the elementary school playground to see all of the kids playing and a wave of hope washed over me. To see those kids out there playing, no masks, and without a care in the world filled my heart with so much joy and i was in that moment that I realized... the world is going to be ok. As I was fighting back tears until I got to my car I began to ponder why now. Why do I now after five months finally feel alright inside? I've been talking myself into it this entire time, but never felt it on

Uresk Family | Cedar Breaks Photography

What most people don't realize at times is how much of an impact your clothing plays on your photos. It isn't just a simple throwing on of a t-shirt and jeans... unless that's your style, but more thought goes into planning clothing for family photos. It all depends on the look you are going for and this mama wanted to dress up for a change + I love it! When you book a session I walk you through the entire clothing selection process because they affect the way your final images will feel. Now I'm not one that loves wearing dresses, but I absolutely adore how flattering they are + how good they look in photos. In this case, the colors they chose compliment the background beautifully and it ke

Cedar Breaks Motherhood Session | Southern Utah Photographer

Motherhood is a tricky thing isn't it? I've always taken great pride at being able to mother patiently, but there are some instances it is so hard. Regardless of the struggles we all feel and the challenges we face, there's nothing quite like doing it on our own. I only get a small taste of this each year as my husband guides Elk hunts for six weeks, but this mama does it all on her own. She recently got a divorce and has been navigating the waters of single motherhood for quite some time. I must say that she does it quite beautifully and her girls are absolute dolls! She said it has it's ups and downs not having someone else around to help, but she's grateful to have her girls with her. Thi

Burgess Newborn Session | Southern Utah Photographer

Mamas having summer babies, this is for you! I am now smitten with Outdoor Newborn Sessions. I have been wanting to do one for a long time now, but none of my clients have been too keen on the idea so when this mama called asking you bet I was all over it! There's just something about being in the mountains + away from it all with the people that mean the most to you. It's a stunning backdrop that you don't see here often with Newborns. We drove up the canyon + straight into not only the beautiful mountains, but cooler weather as well! If you're looking to escape some of that summer heat + have it still be comfortable enough to have a good time then this is your answer. I had such a blast ha

A boost of confidence White Sheet style | Cedar City, UT Studio Photographer

If you guys know me, you know that I love a good White Sheet Session. Something classy and timeless that leaves you feeling a HUGE boost in confidence not only when you walk out the door, but the moment you see your images as well. There is so much beauty in all of us, but sometimes it's hard to see it within ourselves especially after having kids and we need someone else to show us our beauty through their eyes. This is my take on your typical Boudoir Session because honestly, I can't wrap my head around the high heels in bed thing! I can't even walk in heels let alone crawl around in lingerie while wearing them! ha White Sheet Sessions in my studio allow you to show as much or as little as

What will school look like in 2020

Well, school was supposed to start on Monday but due to a shipping delay, the cleaning supplies ordered back in March won't arrive on time and they postponed school to wait for them. We are truly living in unprecedented times and the world is a wild place right now. I have both excitement and fear over what this school year will look like for our kids. I am excited for them to see their friends and be able to have a social life again, but I am also nervous at the lack of safety a mask could provide if a predator was to try to take a child. They won't let kids wear hoodies in school due to safety reasons, but I feel a mask provides more risk than having a hood on top of their head. Some thing

Southern Utah Couples Photographer | photographing couples is my super power

Love changes so much over the years and so do people. When you get married you learn together, grow together, and enjoy the journey of life with each other. It's like getting a comfy pair of jeans + breaking them in. They quickly become your favorite because they hug you in allll the right places. It's the same with a relationship. It never stays the same and you should document your journey along the way... spice things up a little ya know?! I can always feel when my couples arrive in good spirits with one another. Yes, sometimes it's us girls dragging our men to these things, but gosh it makes a difference when you've got a guy that is a good sport! I love to have you love on each other a

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