June 12, 2020

You start a company and it begins to grow. Suddenly you find yourself running ragged trying to do all the things all while learning to become a photographer + edit allll the photos too. 

You quickly realize that by trying to be all the things, you get great at one area...

May 18, 2020

Want to know the quickest way to boost your sales + rock your online presence? Flat-lay and studio photos friends.

Here's the story... you start up this darling boutique and don't have much money coming in yet so you try to do alllll the things; marketing, product creat...

March 13, 2020

Hey there frazzled one, how are you today? Trying to stay on top of it all while starting up your new business that you have dreamed about for years?

Suddenly you find yourself trying to stay on top of it all: marketing, product creation, finding suppliers, emailing, an...

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I'm Amanda + I'm not your average photographer!

I love documenting your Beauty Behind Life's Chaos. Here I write about my photography work and things I love + some I don't! 


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