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Brave the Mountain

For ambitious women who want to brave that mountain with kids in tow! 




You shouldn't have to brave your mountain on your own.

You have some major goals for your life, but like most other ambitious women, you have a problem too. 

You aren't exactly sure which step to take first when starting on the journey up the mountain to create a life you love.

I've been there too and I get it. If you...

- Are tired of spinning circles and wondering which step to take first

- Have a business idea, but don't even know where to begin

- Wish you had a business bestie to bounce ideas off of + gain a different perspective

- Feel like you're going crazy working in your business and want to learn how to take the steps toward working on it so you can scale to the next level.

- Need someone that will hold you accountable

- Feel like your the only mom feeling this way ( I promise, you're not)


You're in the right place!


I'm a mama building a dream life + braving my mountain right along side you. I give you the tools you need to get started and reach your goals.


I help ambitious moms brave your mountain and unapologetically design a life you're obsessed about!


Monthly: $795 (3 month commitment)

Designed to help you get your business off the ground and implement a strategy to keep the momentum going. 

• 3 coaching calls monthly
• Weekly homework + accountability
• Access to Amanda via email for questions that may pop up
• Mindset, Implementation, creating habits, and growth will be covered


It’s time to let go of mom-guilt and unapologetically
brave that mountain!

Imagine you get a year down the road and this time, instead of looking back asking, "What if" you looked back and saw how high you climbed + how much you've gained in your life because of it? What if you could…


   -  Turn that idea/ passion into a business that makes you money? 

   -  Do the things you've been dying to try, but fear has held you back

   -  Gain clarity and a sense of direction 

   - Learn to manage home life + business

   - Overcome your mindset blocks and build a life you love


Mama, you can brave that mountain with kids in tow! You deserve to.


Hey, I'm Amanda!

• Your Business building bestie!
• Wife + Mama
• Smoothie Connoisseur
• Educator
• Building a life I love one step
at a time + helping you do the same

Ready to launch that business?

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