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Hello Friends!! 

Looking for the Move Yo Body Weekly Planner? 

You are in the right place! 

I don't know about you, but I looooove to get a good sweat on! These Mommy Fit workouts have been doing just that for me and I'm loving it! 
This time around I was finding myself writing the workouts on a piece of paper the night before so I didn't have to keep looking at my phone for a timer or hopping back and forth in apps to listen to a Podcast while working out. Maybe it's just me?! 
I love having the paper on the floor in front of me so I can see my next move + reps while I'm finishing up the exercise I'm on. Soooo, I created this calendar and thought you'd love it too! 
Click below to download yours and print that baby out and get writing! It's like pre-logging the shiz out of your workouts ;) Put em in a binder and you can refer back to them later. 
Boomshakalaka!! You've got this + thanks so much for stopping by! 
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