Capturing amazing products that add to the Beauty Behind Life's Chaos

Hey there, I'm Amanda

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to help YOU! 

I'm a mama of four photographing your brands in my studio and outdoors in a Candid fashion. 

I am so excited to work with you, create amazing relationships + images, and help free up loads of time so you can focus on building your business instead of Googling how to Photoshop ;) 

You have a product the world needs and I am here to photograph it in the best light so customers will come running!


I am here to capture your brand's story so they connect with it + desire to have it in their life.

Let's do this!

What I Provide for You


I'm not just capturing pretty pictures. I'm capturing your story which I love doing in a natural, photojournalistic way. 

I want your buyers to feel the experience of using your product gives so they cannot wait to get their hands on it. 


I provide you with clean edits that have true to life colors and a nice pop. 

You will receive galleries full of images to rock your Instagram feed, your website, or both depending on your needs. 


I know that you cannot wait to have your hands on the next set of photos so you can share your newest products. 


Because of this, I provide the fastest turn around time in town so you always have the latest photos of your newest products. 



Product + Model Prep

The only jobs required of you in the photography process is to ship me the products you need photographed and fill out my questionnaire. We need to make sure we are both on the same page as far as expectations so I can serve you best.


I am here to take care of the rest. I steam and style outfits, find models and capture your product in the best light possible.


My goal is to take the weight off of your shoulders and give you back your time.


Shoot Day

Shoot day is my favorite! Depending on your needs, I will shoot flat-lays and models in my studio or we will take it outdoors for the whole shebang! 

Adding a few products? We can keep it short and sweet. Launching a new line? We can do it all!

Either way, I capture your product in a way that reflects real life to give your buyers that vision.


Brand-consistent Images

When you have consistent images across all marketing platforms, it provides a beautiful aesthetic and boosts sales immediately. 

If you are a one-person showing trying to do it all, this can take a lot of time. 

I give this time back by providing you beautiful images consistent to your brand so you can spend the extra hours each week scaling your business or enjoying a little more free time with your kids. 


Gallery Delivery

I sort through all of the images we took and keep the best of the best to receive my natural and clean retouch. 

I provide you with a gallery full of beautiful images for that new launch or product line. 

You will have images to rock your social media feed and keep your website up to date with your best products. This will surely leave potential customers thinking  they can't live without your product. 

What's next? 


A three month commitment is required to take advantage of subscription pricing

*Click the payment button under the subscription you wish to purchase.

Social Media - Basic

Subscription: $300/month | Solo Session: $350


• Up to one hour shoot time

• Up to 8 products in studio and 4 models

• 30+ Images personalized to your brand... Lifestyle, and/or Flat-lays + Collaborations

Product Based Businesses: 

You ship product + samples are given to models


Level Up - Small Brand

Subscription: $450/month | Solo Session: $550


• Up to two hours shoot time

• Up to 16 products in studio and 6 models

• 80+ Images personalized to your brand... Lifestyle, and/ or Flat-lays + Collaborations


Product Based Businesses: 

You ship product + samples are given to models

The Whole Shebang

Subscription: $950/month | Solo Session: $1150


Up to four hours shoot time

Unlimited outfits and image types that fit within the timeframe. 

175+ images personalized to your brand... Lifestyle, and/ or Flat-lays + Collaborations


Product Based Businesses: 

You ship product and samples are given to models

I made my payment, what now? 

• Watch your email for your questionnaire- this helps me keep all of your ideas organized and with your account so I can refer back to it. 

• We will make a shooting and marketing plan- I have a quick turnaround, but we want to plan ahead to be sure you know when you need to send your product so that you have your images before launch. 

• You ship me all of your products and I will find models if needed and conjure up flat-lays to make your product look amazing.


• We can choose background colors unique to you to keep your feed consistent.

• You will now have several hours freed up each week to focus on building your business and less stress worrying about the production of a full photo shoot.

You are going to rock your business and I'm excited to watch you grow! Chat with you soon!

xoxo, Amanda 

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