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hey there!

I'm Amanda Clark.

What started as a dream at 15 with a film camera in my hand has turned into a full-time profession. 

I'm known for helping women see the beauty others do, natural + candid posing, quick turnaround, and the most amazing customer experience! 

I never dreamed that I could have my dream life and do what I love. I'm here to help you do the same. 

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 The best community for moms building businesses who want to be profitable! 

In this group, you will find business mentorship, social media tips, marketing strategies, and so much more! 


I was a 19 year old teen pregnancy statistic that decided my circumstances didn't define me.

I'm now a mama, wife, business-owner, stubborn-as-all-get-out-achiever, exercise enthusiast, and smoothie connoisseur! 

I have learned that I don't have to be just ONE thing + neither do you. 

I'm the person that will help you take that dream you put on the shelf because... kids and start living it out, well, now? 

Empowering women 

through 1-1 coaching

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I specialize in healing trauma, mindset, and strategy.

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All of the business building tips + tricks you'll need in one place.

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For Women who want more ease, simplicity, and to build a life you love.

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Level Up Your Life

You deserve a life YOU love



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Level Up Your Business

Level Up Your Mindset

Photography Studio for Southern Utah Mamas, Couples, and Families.

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