Inspiring you to brave your mountain! 

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The business Podcast for busy moms

Are you a busy mom that dreams of braving the mountain + building a life you love? This Podcast is for you! 

I'm taking you on a journey of shifting our mindset, learning new skills in Marketing, Business, Cash-flow, and starting a product-based business from scratch. 

The best part... we're doing it all with kids in tow. So put on some comfy pants, grab a smoothie + let's get to work! 


Your Hostess! 

Hi, I'm Amanda.

A Small town girl with big dreams! I don't have anything fancy, just a closet and a mic. I'm braving my mountain one step at a time + hope to inspire you to do the same.

Chasing dreams, navigating working from home with kids, keeping yourself during child-raising years or finding yourself again after feeling “lost” are all things I'm obsessed with! 


This is the safe space where we talk about all the things and especially how to build your mountain behind life’s chaos whatever that may be. We will talk about mindset, money, new adventures, business, marketing + how to do it with kids in tow, top-knot in your hair, and a smoothie in your hand!

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