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I help busy mamas simplify life, overcome limiting beliefs + create more time for a life you love.

The Lifestyle Podcast for mamas with BIG dreams! 

Are you a mom that dreams of braving your mountain + building a life you love, but aren't sure how to get started?


This Podcast is for you! 


I'm taking you on a journey of shifting our mindset, learning new skills in Marketing, Business, time ownership, simplifying life, and lightening motherhood.

The best part... we're doing it all with kids in tow. So put on some comfy pants, grab a smoothie + let's get to work! 

Braving the Mountain Updated Cover.png

Your Hostess! 

Hi, I'm Amanda.
  • Mama

  • Wife

  • Dream Chaser

  • Mindset shifter

  • Smoothie Lover

  • Your dose of motivation

  • Relentlessly stubborn

A small town girl with big dreams + here to inspire you to do the same with my headphones on, smoothie in my hand, and my butt planted on my closet floor! 

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