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Marketing a photography business

Marketing a business is an exhilirating + challenging beast to conquer! It takes a LOT of work and is a neverending process. The world is constantly changing as are client needs. If I don't keep up the business will fail. I have one simple goal...who am I kidding, I have lots of goals and none are simple for 2016! Getting my name out there is at the top of my list. Not only my business name, but MY name because I am my business. People need to know who I am if I want to be successful.

I have discovered a lot about myself this past year and I am more motivated than ever to make 2016 great! One thing that is truly pushing me forward is the fact that we may be moving 5 hours away! I will have an entirely new audience to market to because absolutely NO ONE will know my name! I have held off on the push in Cache Valley because of our plans, but I have made a decision. I plan to come up once a month or once every other month to do sessions and visit family. SO... I will be pushing my marketing in Cache Valley because I have some awesome clients that I want to continue serving and I will be conquering a marketing strategy for our new home town when we get to Cedar City! I am looking for the new challenge that this will bring and I think it will be a lot of fun! We will see what the next couple months may bring. Who knows... the move might not even happen for a while; the next two weeks will be huge in making that decision. Stay tuned for the updates... we will be as happy as this boy once the final decision is made!

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