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I have been giving something a lot of thought lately. When starting my photography business I had this idea in my head. I wanted to create great experiences for clients and I wanted my work to be remembered as well as the way I made each and every I interacted with feel. I had no idea what my shooting style was and quite frankly I had no idea what I was doing!

The name chosen to start my photography journey was A Clark Photography which I loved, but I suddenly realized something. Not only do I want people to remember my work, I want them to remember my name! I have discovered a few things about myself during the two short years I have been in business. First, I absolutely LOVE photographing maternity, newborns, and children. Second, my style is light and airy. The fun nature of kids running and playing, a fresh newborn all cozied up in a wrap, and an expectant mama who can't wait to meet the wee babe she is carrying. I love it when you look at a photograph and just smile because it provokes such a feeling deep within you that it can't be stopped! Photography is capturing a moment in time that can NEVER be repeated again and to me, that is amazing. Along with all of these things, I live by a firm belief that you will NEVER regret having photos taken, but you will ALWAYS regret not.

Kids are quickly changing, families evolving, and you never know what events may take place in your life and leave you wondering when your last family photo was taken that included everyone. Photographs are special works of art that we can pass down to our children, grandchildren, and so forth. Without them, there would be no visual history of our lives. With that being said, I not only want people to remember how I made them feel, I want them to remember who I am which is why I have decided to change A Clark Photography to Amanda Clark Photography. I want the name of my business to also stand for everything that I, as a person, believe in. I want to tell my family, friends, and clients thank you so much for your support because without you, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish the things I have.

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