Photographing kids

Well, I do have to say that photographing my own kids isn't easy. I can usually get good pictures of the three older kidlets together, but throw in the little number four and we turn into a hot mess! We took a little jaunt down the road the other night because I wanted to get some cute pictures of my kids with the gorgeous blooms. This "little jaunt" definitely did not go as planned! The first part was ok, I had Kenna snap a few pictures of me with Jack and then we started with her individual shots. This is where the crazy began!! We had a Khloe screaming in the stroller, me yelling at Jack to come back in between taking photos of Kenna, and to be quite honest, I'm not really sure where Ella disappeared to! I think it goes without saying that I am that HOT MESS MOM... everywhere I go! I feel as though I am trying to round up a herd of wild cows each with very different personalities! By the end of it I am hot, sweaty, and ready for bed! Who knew motherhood could be so hard.

I love these kids + I love that they are mine.... AND I pray that the hot mess thing we got going on ends sooner rather than later! I don't want them to grow up sooner, I just hope that one day I may be able to tame them a little bit! I would love to go out in public without the barnyard animals and have a good time! Amidst the craziness, we had a fun time getting ready (what girl doesn't like getting all dolled up) + the girls thought it was the coolest thing to use my camera!

I will cherish these images forever and perhaps one day I will wish I could push rewind and become the hot mess I once was again! But for now, I will do my best to tame these kids and capture the candid moments that come along with trying to photograph them!

Here are the images taken by each of my girls! They thought this was the best part!