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Cedar City Family Pictures!

Whoa baby, it has been a crazy week! Sometimes I feel like my life is an out of control disaster and I am this crazy, hot mess mom running around like a chicken with it's head cut off! I have had such a fun time taking portraits this last week and this family was no exception. They are gorgeous, photogenic, and have personalities that can keep you laughing for hours.

I had the opportunity to photograph in a place that holds their hearts. It is always fun when you get to photograph a client somewhere that has some meaning to them. As a photographer, I am happy to scout locations, but when there is a place that a client truly loves because they have worked their tails off to get there it can't be replaced by any other location.

When I am taking photographs for clients, there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. There is a lot of planning behind the scenes before a session takes place. Sure, I'll jump in my car on a whim and capture some photos, but they are SO much better when you put the thought necessary into it. You need the right clothing, the right time of day for that perfect light, the location that YOU love, and most importantly, the people YOU love! All of these things must come together to be able to capture that perfect image that pulls your heart strings and you can't wait to hang it on your wall for everyone to see. Sure, kids can be grumpy and not smile, but that is who they are at that time. I am here to capture the moments YOU want to remember and the little details that might irritate you now, but you will absolutely love later. Enjoy.

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