Isn't it crazy how life can change in an instant...literally. One instant of time and our lives can be forever changed. It isn't until one of these life changing events happens way to close to home and we realize that we go through each and every day taking it for granted. Thinking some life changing event could happen to us tomorrow isn't on the top of our mind today, but do we remember to live life to its fullest and go after our dreams with all we have? Do we remember to kiss the kids before they go to school and tell them to have the best day ever? Do we tell them that we love them? Do they know how much we love them?

One accident, one poor decision, one life altering can happen in just a moment of time. We can't prepare for it, we may not be able to recover from it, but do we remember to always be grateful for what we do have today? To soak it all in and fully immerse ourselves in the life we are living? If we could no longer do what we loved tomorrow, would we be happy with the life we have lived up until that point?

We may not get a second chance to do the things we dreamed of so do those things today. If we constantly live our life in fear of failure, we will never have the successes we wish to have. Don't live with regrets and what ifs. Forget the past and move forward because you may not get the chance to do it again. Living with regret holds you in the past and prevents you from truly experiencing the present. Soak in everything you can from your life today, every feature on your children's faces, learn what they dream about + their favorite things right now. Teach them they can conquer anything, but to never take anything for granted. Teach them to live fearless because failure is where we learn the most. Love your life and live in the nostalgia of everything that is good in it because you never know when it may be different.