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Photographing Kids


I have to admit something. I LOVE photographing kids!! Not just a little bit, but a LOT! I am finding the more I am photographing families here in Cedar City, I enjoy chasing their kids around with a camera after the family portraits are done. I don't pack up my gear and high tail it to my car. I am drawn to photographing the kids because it is FUN- so much fun!

They are wild and crazy + they just don't care what anyone thinks. They are themselves... unscripted, happy, grumpy, they are completely them. They don't get embarrassed and hide from the camera because I'm not asking them to smile or pose. I just enjoy photographing them being them. How fun is that?

You can get these awesome, amazing, magical images that perfectly display your child's personality because let's be honest... asking a child to stand still and smile at the camera takes bribery + me jumping around like a wild orangutan to get that perfectly posed image we envision of our kids. Why not let them run + explore the world and capture exactly who they are at this stage in their lives? I love every second of it + mom's will have something to remember the wild days of raising young children + perhaps they will get a kick out of it once certain phases have passed ;) After all, children can be exhausting, but the exhilaration they have for life cannot be compared....nor can this face!

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