How to Pick a Photographer

The magic is in the eye of its creator. This is why I love what I do. I create artwork for YOU! The camera doesn't create the vision that I have in my head. It captures the canvas as I want it to be composed, then I get to create the beauty that I envisioned. I do this for YOU because you deserve the most beautiful artwork for your walls! Isn't that why we hire a professional photographer?

Having family portraits taken each year is something that you have to decide if it is a priority or not. In my house it most certainly is! Does my husband LOVE it? Absolutely... jk, but he is a pretty good sport about it! ha

I love creating wildly amazing portrait sessions for you that your husbands will be raving about! Well, one can hope right?! Most husbands approach me after their sessions and tell me either, "That wasn't so bad" or "That was actually kind of fun!" Way to make a photographer feel good! I love it when I hear that because I strive to make the experience enjoyable for everyone!

I have you fill out a pre-session questionnaire so now I know exactly what you are looking for! We plan your session together + become great friends while doing so! I am a custom portrait photographer here to serve YOU. I provide a full service experience for each of you so when you leave my studio, you will leave with a product that your children + grandchildren will be able to see years down the road. I create heirlooms for you to pass down through generations. I love providing you with a wonderful photography experience + beautiful artwork to surround yourself with daily + share with friends and family. It's a win-win situation!