Bohemian Themed Child Session

ScheduleSO... we went out to our lot a few weeks back and I noticed that the sagebrush (I guess in Southern Utah many call this stuff Rabbit Brush) had these insane yellow flowers on them! A vision popped into my head and I suddenly had an idea to do a bohemian themed session out there! For those of you that know me know that I am kind of stubborn and if I get an idea in my head, I am going to make it happen! I found some dresses, made some crowns, and off we went! We had a blast being able to run and play on the open range ;) Those yellow flowers may have faded slightly, but they were still gorgeous. I have a feeling that many more sessions will be taking place out there + I have decided that I am staking a claim to a section of our yard to turn into a session heaven :) I have also decided there is nothing better than listening to your children laugh while you are capturing these beautiful memories + the nostalgia it brings that these images were taken at a place we will soon call home. Enjoy.