Seeing YOU Through Another's Eyes

Another transformation that I felt so honored to be a part of. This is Jill and she is a woman like many of you. Her story started five years ago when she was in an accident that changed her life. Her face was crushed. She had undergone many reconstructive surgeries to put her teeth back in place and rebuild the bones.

This year, Jill started noticing that her teeth were moving so she went to the dentist to find out what was going on. It turns out that the original work had some flaws and she was losing the bone that was holding her teeth in. She was devastated. She has now undergone more surgeries to repair the damage that had been done and it has been a long, painful process not only physically, but emotionally.

Jill is someone that hates stepping in front of the camera so I knew I had my work cut out for me. I asked her if I could do this for her. My cute little makeup artist came in and away we went... actually we went and got a Chai Tea from Pastry Pub first and then-- away we went! About an hour later, we had a new woman who went from being unsure of herself to stepping in front of my camera. I wouldn't say confidently, but perhaps hesitantly because of past reservations and insecurities that we all feel in ourselves at times. Once the session began unfolding she began feeling more and more comfortable in front of the camera and the session was a blast! As a professional photographer it is our job to find the beauty in people and let them see themselves as other's do. We are our harshest critics after all-- aren't we?!

You all deserve a portrait of yourself that you love! You deserve to feel confident + empowered to step in front of a camera and create a beautiful legacy to leave behind for your children and loved ones. When you are gone and your children go searching through your photos will they find an image of you? We have got to look fear in the eye and step in front of the camera... often! Our children don't care what we look like or even the fact that we may be carrying a few extra pounds than we'd like to be. We teach them by example and one of the best ways to teach them to be confident in themselves is to become confident in yourself. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. No one else in the world looks like you and we should embrace the beauty in our uniqueness. Let's teach our children to not be afraid, that they to can come back from past struggles a stronger person than they were before and that they can conquer anything! That is our job here on earth as a mother-- to teach our children to be good people and to help them believe that they can conquer the world if only they set their mind to it.

This is why I love Jill's story so much. She hasn't had it easy in her life, but the woman she has become is incredible and I thank my lucky stars that I am now able to call her a dear friend.

You deserve to celebrate you and display your image proudly because you will always remember how you felt the day you had it taken. Empowered, beautiful, confident. It may be a terrifying thought, but let me show you the beauty that I see in you.