Waking Up the Big 3-0

Well folks, this morning I woke up the big 3-0! How do I feel about it-- woof! It seems that when you are a kid, you feel as though you will never grow up. Then.... you do! The years just roll on by and we continue on with life! Perhaps I'm having my mid-life crisis or I've just decided that I need to begin documenting more + lipstick is ok! A personal blog + a bucket list with boxes next to each item for 2018 is a must! Things are gonna happen!

I think the age that I'm truly fearful for at this point is 40! Perhaps that's because it's another decade away! I was scared of 30 in my twenties, but hey, it's not so bad! No grays yet (knock on wood) + my twenties treated me well! I guess I have no other choice than to see what my thirties will bring right?! I'm sure you older folk out there are giggling to yourself because we all have similar fears when getting older right? It doesn't matter what age-- aging itself can be hard to swallow because we all hope to do it gracefully!

I've got big plans for the next year + the next ten! Thanks to all of you who are in my life! Family, clients, friends.... all of you who are kind enough to smile on the street! You all make life a whole lot sweeter!