Baby B Newborn Session | Southern Utah

How sweet is this moment? These three were so excited for the arrival of their new baby brother! I had an absolute blast during this session and I am so happy that I was able to capture these images for mom!

Baby B was a dream to photograph, but didn't care much for sharing too many smiles when the camera was out! I captured the one smiling image as I was dressing him at the end of his session! These little kiddos were so good and followed every direction I gave them!

Safety is a huge thing for me during Newborn Sessions and I always like to make sure that your baby is safe and sound + comfortable in whatever position they may be in! Wrapping baby is one of my favorite things to do when posing your new bundle with his/her siblings because then they don't have to worry about arms and legs all over the place! It is just a little peanut to hold on their lap!

I photographed that sweet girl on your left about two years ago and I cannot believe how much she has already grown + change! Kids just change so much in those first years of life it is mind blowing!

Thank you so much mama for giving me the opportunity to photograph your sweet new bundle yet again! They look like little angels with their new brother!

Newborn Brother | Cedar City UT | St George Utah