Give Me alll Your Littles | Cedar City UT | Child Photographer

Seriously you guuuuys! Bring me all your littles + let me photograph them all the live long day! I would be in my photographer's heaven!

Kids are unbiased, don't get embarrassed + aren't afraid to let their true emotions show! They don't care who you are (why do we?) or where you came from, they will just be themselves!

This is why kids are one of my favorite subjects to photograph! Don't get me wrong, pregnant mamas + newborns are also at the top of the list, but kids + alllll their personality.... gah!! They don't make it hard to capture who they truly are + can we talk about adorable?!

I, as a photographer am also unafraid of making a fool of myself for the sake of your child! I will roll on the ground, coo, and do the crazy dance if I must + I never tell your child to "Say Cheese!" I let them be... let them wander + play as they wish while I capture the moment.

If they decide to look up at me and smile, you bet I will capture it, but it will never be forced. Don't you worry if you are a smile lovin' mama.... I can always tease one out of your little!

I want you to remember the moment.... a moment that we can freeze in time + hold onto forever! There is nothing more amazing than the gift of these images... nothing else can freeze a moment in a frame for you to look at forever + ever!

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