Four Years of Heartache and Infertility | Birth Story | Cedar City, UT

These two tried for four years to have a baby and when they were ready to throw in the towel at the thought of having their own, they began filling out adoption papers.

Then.... not only did they find out they were pregnant, but they also found out they would be receiving the opportunity to adopt a sweet baby just shortly after theirs was born if they had the desire.

Well, they planned to move forward with the adoption and now they are the parents to two of the most adorable boys + I couldn't be happier for them!

Oh, and did I mention, they are one amazing couple?! Let's just say spending hours with them in the delivery room was a blast and to have the opportunity to capture such a special + unique time in their lives was amazing.

Matt kept us entertained while waiting on the arrival of their baby (he was actually missing an exam in one of his classes because Laynah went into labor), and did homework off and on. Laynah happily relaxed in bed for as long as possible while laughing along with the rest of us.

My favorite part about the entire labor was when you could tell she was getting tired and Matt put his hand on her head and she said, "Don't touch me!"

I remember saying the exact same thing to my husband and I wondered if I was the only one! I guess now I know that it may be more common than I think! ha

I could not be more grateful for this opportunity to provide these memories for them while they were able to just soak in the moments with each other and their newborn.

This only happens once in your life and it is so amazing that these two will have these images to pass down to future generations.