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Crystal Pregnancy | Cedar City, Utah | Natural Light Studio

Oh isn't this mama beautiful?! Crystal is a friend of mine that lives in St George. When she called me months ago to tell me she was pregnant I was SOOO excited! They weren't sure that they were going to have anymore so this was some shocking + exciting news for me!

I met Crystal and her main squeeze Jasen when we were renting our townhouse. We were building our house at the time and they wanted to get out of California as soon as possible!

He is an amazing tattoo artist with Humblebee Studios in St George and she is his awesome sidekick.

They have two girls and when they found out they were having a boy, they were beyond thrilled. There is just something different about having a boy. I love my girls to pieces, but I must say that my boy can melt me into a puddle. They have the sweetest love for their mamas.

Her oldest daughter was soooo excited and the little miss had no clue what was about to hit her! She has been the baby for the past two years so her world was about to get rocked.

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She has since had him and is now realizing how different boys are than the two girls and she is loving every second of it!

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