Mama and Me | Southern Utah Photographer

I'm here to tell you all that I am on a Mama and Me Rampage as I'm naming it! Call it my deep desire to exist in photographs with my kids or just plain seeing too many mamas putting yourselves down because you don't feel adequate enough to step in front of a camera.

Stop with the negativity. Stop letting media make you feel that you should look a certain way. If you wouldn't say the things you say to yourself on the daily to your daughter, then replace it with something positive. Speak to yourself as you speak to your children. You deserve it.

I have made it such a point in motherhood to never talk negatively about myself out loud in front of my kids. I'm not saying the thoughts aren't there and that I'm not working on improving my body positivity in my mind because I am + I've come a long ways from where I began.

I'm just not saying it out loud and I get so uncomfortable when I hear another mama tell me that she needs to lose five or ten pounds before I take their photos in front of my kids.

My mom struggled with weight and I watched her go through the ups and downs, divorces, challenges, and one thing I learned from it was to never let my kids hear the negative talk because it really sticks with you as you get older.

We all come in many shapes and sizes and as long as you are the healthiest, happiest version of you, that is all that matters!

Mama and Me Photography Session, Southern Utah Photographer

I want you to know that you are enough. Tell yourself these things today:

• "I am enough"

• "I am beautiful"

• "I've got this"

• "I love my kids"

• "My kids love me"

• "I am grateful to be here today"

• "I am beautiful as I am right now"

Now every time something negative pops into your head about yourself, replace it with something positive. Small changes will lead to big strides + spirits lifted... I promise!