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Tadd 6 Month Session | Southern Utah Studio Photographer

Oh boy has this boy grown fast! We did his Newborn Photos up at Cedar Breaks just over 6 months ago + I cannot believe it has already been that long! He was my first Outdoor Newborn Session and if you haven't seen them done outdoors before you should go take a peek because they are a dream and I want to do them all outdoors when the weather allows!

Anyways, this baby boy has sure changed a LOT! He is one chunky little thing and so, so handsome! He was all smiles + telling me all the stories. I mean, how much personality can we pack in a tiny little body?! Gah, I am DYING over these!!!

Did I mention his mom is a doll too? Today as we were chatting we realized how much we have in common + the beliefs we both hold on a lot of things in the world! My favorite part about doing this photography thang is getting to meet the awesome people that come my way + being able to capture the people that mean the most in your life. Kids change so much during their first year and so many milestones are hit. There's nothing more rewarding and fun than being able to look back on your photos and see the changes that happened during this time.

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