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A journey to finding yourself | Amanda Clark | Life Coach

Sometimes we fear the work we have to do up front. I know I did. I wanted the end result now or some magic pill to make me better. I didn’t want the years of struggle on my way back to finding myself. I wanted to be the person I dreamed of becoming now, without the work, and without having to dive deep into my soul to find what was holding me back. But here’s the thing, you have to do the work to find YOU. You are already inside so if you are constantly looking elsewhere to find yourself, you’re going to be lost for a while because you’re looking in all the wrong places. I did this a lot. I’d look to the next relationship, friends, or family to decide how I should feel about myself. What I found is that when the friendship or relationship ended… I was back in that miserable place. I’d feel loved, worthy, or happy for a brief time, but the thing is… I didn’t generate it myself from within. The mistake I made was trying to navigate the journey alone. This is what led me to searching for the new friend or next relationship to jump into. I was trying to make myself feel whole again by borrowing someone else’s lens to see myself. What I really needed was to dust mine off and figure out why I was doing those things and why I was holding myself back. Have you ever heard the quote, “you can’t read a label from inside the jar?” Well, the concept applies to us. We can’t see things that others see in us and sometimes we just need that person that asks the right questions or pushes us when we resist to allow ourselves to open up to the change. My coach did this for me a few weeks ago. As I stepped into another unknown, old survival patterns I hadn’t yet solved popped up and tried to wreak havoc on my life. The only difference is that now I’m done running away from the hard and although I tried, I stuck it out to find the source of my problem. When we grow up living a certain way, being treated a certain way, or life simply not seeming ideal compared to others you see, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of survival or take on your own beliefs around it. The belief I held… I’m not worthy and if I’m not in control, things end badly. This showed up in areas of my life and business and prevented me from achieving the success I was after. So, I got the help. A coach that asked the right questions and knew just what I needed in that moment. She helped ME see that I was worthy + why I didn’t think I was. Now, I’m a ways down the path of healing and can easily recognize when those old patterns start showing up so I can squash them in that moment. It’s an amazing feeling and I truly believe we should all have the gift of finding ourselves so we can live our best lives. If finding yourself sounds like a journey you are ready to embark on, I’d love to guide you along the path so you can become the best version of you in life and business. Mama, you deserve to live an amazing life. To be an amazing mom, wife, and business owner if that's what you choose. Life wasn't meant to struggle through and you don't have to be a victim to your circumstance. I used to think I was and I've learned a lot along journey. I offer a free clarity call where you will walk away knowing where you are going, a plan, and knowing how to make it happen.

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