A New Way to Think about Insta Content

I started reflecting on my work the other day, and realized something. I’m working from home, I’m living my dream, but am I really treating it as a job? Am I really giving it my all, or can I give it more?

We don’t have to accomplish everything at once! I love getting things done now so I can relax later -- but sometimes life just doesn’t work that way. I’m talking baby steps! That’s right, it can be that easy.

Choose 3-5 things each day that you want to get done that will move you closer to your goals. Crank them out during YOUR best working hours and then let yourself off the hook to play with the kids, spend time with your other half, or get a few other things done that you need to.

You need to find the needle movers in business that only YOU can do + don’t be afraid to delegate the things that sure, you can do them, but someone else could too! I’ve learned that taking other people in + trusting them with my baby, actually helps me A TON! Because of these ladies on my team, I’m able to focus more on tasks that make the needle move.

If you want to be successful, You NEED a plan for content creation + you need to stick to it. Give it 100%. You’re not committed if you give anything less than that!

Don’t feel like you need to reinvent the wheel…. Create it once + recycle over and over again.

  1. Baby steps… pick your 3-5 things each day that will get you closer to your goals and complete them. Once those are done, give yourself a break, hang with the kids, your other half, etc. and just breathe.

  1. Delegate! Find the things that someone else could do just as well or perhaps even better than you, train them + let them run with it!

  1. Make a plan + stick to it! Write what days AND times you are going to solely focus on that item in your business.

  1. If you want to use affiliate links, create evergreen content around each item.

So, make a plan + get to work!