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Ace Newborn | Cedar City, UT | Studio Photographer

You guys, I cannot even handle how cute this little baby is + how awesome the parents! I absolutely love photographing newborns because although very sleep deprived, parents tend to walk into the studio excited and of course madly in love with their new bundle. These parents were no exception.

Newborn Photographer, Cedar City, Utah, Utah Lifestyle Photographer, Southern Utah

This session was a dream to photograph and mom and dad were so overjoyed about this baby. Dad is a football coach at SUU and the season was just getting started. I have now photographed three of the coaches families + have learned that when football season is on.... dad is gone! I wasn't intending to rhyme there, but I rolled with it!

Dad was getting ready to head out of town for a few days with the team + Grandma was headed home so mom was a little nervous to do this parenting thing solo, but I'm positive she nailed it!

I feel like "nailing it" at this parenting thing also includes lack of sleep, being a hot mess + having no clue what the heck we are doing. I feel this way more often than not and am giving up on trying to be "perfect" because there's no such thing.

It's always funny to me when we have a child because as much as we don't know what to do, when a moment arises, we seem to know exactly what to do for our child. Never mess with a mama bear on little sleep folks! It will not end well for you. Our parenting instincts kick in and somehow this baby turns one and we wonder not only how we survived, but how we kept them alive all this time!

I've always been told that babies are pretty resilient and durable, but I never realized how durable until I had more than one. When you leave your newborn smack in the middle of your bed so you can do your makeup ten feet away thinking no one will touch them + somehow your ninja toddler sneaks into your room wanting to hold them and you hear a "thump." By the time you look over, the baby is crying and your toddler is looking at you with that "oh crap" look! Ever been there?

They still survive + as long as we give them food, sleep, and a clean bum I'm pretty sure we're doing alright ;)

I couldn't have asked for kinder people or a sweeter baby to photograph. I have been so lucky with everyone that has trusted me to tell their story! I love what I do as much as I love connecting and making new friends.

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