Frimpong Family | Cedar City, Utah Photographer

Gah, what an amazing family to have the opportunity to photograph. Erica and Akwasi are so fun + little Ashanti is a riot!! I got soooo many faces anytime she saw the camera and I am so glad that I was able to capture all of that personality.

I was talking with my hubs one night and we were laughing because when I asked these two their favorite thing about each other Akwasi said Erica's calves and Erica said she loved Akwasi's body! ha I told my hubs that maybe I'll have him take his shirt off and we will put her calves across his stomach for a photo ;)

Ok, ok, they did like other things about each other, but I loved this so much. It's the little things in life right? I mean Erica does have some pretty nice calves and I'm now thinking we should have done some photos with the shirt off! ha

I'm telling ya, these two were fire. So adorable with each other and some of the kindest people I've met. I know I say that a lot too, but guys, people in this world are gooood.

Akwasi is the first Skeleton competitor from Ghana to compete in the Olympics. He is so humble and kind + feel honored to have captured him with not only his wife, but his daughter as well.

The relationship between them is amazing + Erica isn't complaining one bit about Covid putting his travel plans on hold! When I asked them to please make another baby, they chuckled at me and said, "My followers have been asking the same thing!" lol Here's to hoping because they do make beautiful babies!! Wink, wink!!

We spent our evening chasing lizards, trekking through the sand in heels, hiking the rocks, shakin out sandals over + over again, and having a mini dance party. These guys were up for anything and so happy to be together for the evening.

My favorite part was when Akwasi and Ashanti were chasing a lizard and Erica was walking up the rocks + scared it away. Boy, oh boy Ashanti gave her the look! haha Straight daggers there!

There were plenty of laughs, lots of snuggles, and Ashanti giving us a run for our money on the rocks. We couldn't have planned a better night as the sky was full of perfect clouds and the temperature was wonderful.