Attracting what you want in life with Lauren Salaun | Braving the Mountain Podcast

This week I had the pleasure of having Lauren Salaun on the podcast and I’m soooo excited to release this episode!

Lauren is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. She grew up in Northern California about an hour north of San Francisco in a little town called Petaluma. She has been living in LA for almost seven years now and runs a PR and marketing agency and works with a lot of entrepreneurs to help them in getting really clear on their message, elevating their authority, their credibility and getting more strategic visibility. So getting their message, getting their business out into the world out in front of more clients, more customers, all of that so that they can scale their business with less effort.

Before I get into the recap… I have a question for you… who here is a recovering people pleaser? I know I for sure am. Lauren talks so much about attracting what you want in life and gave such good advice for those out there who are a people pleaser like me… but guess what?! Us being a people pleaser is actually doing a disservice to those around us. WHAAAT?! Yep. You read that right!

Owning what your truth is embodying that showing up as the most authentic and aligned version of you being fully expressed and when it comes to supporting women in doing that and authenticity, we are craving authenticity and connection right? An authentic connection and part of why we use social media is to connect right? Social media even if you're using it for your business. The point is to connect you know and it often is that highlight reel filtered super curated and even if you're like giving less f's and showing up like in all all the things. It's still curated right? You're still intentionally choosing to share what you're going to share and what you're not going to share.

This is true whether it's dating or showing up online for your business right? Like you are not for everybody right? We are not meant to make every single person happy, to be every single person's flavor and you may be the right fit for every single person. That's impossible and so when you try and show up to be the fit for everyone and think that everyone needs all of that you're going to cast a really wide net. You're not meant for everybody and that's amazing. If you try and make everyone happy, try to be the fit for everybody. You're not going to be the fit for anyone right? Because you're going to be so neutral that no one's gonna feel activated to say yes, right? No one's gonna think that's boring. But if you show up in your fullest expression in your authenticity, the people that you want to have in your circle, you want to have in your audience, you want to have in your life, when they see you and they're like damn yes that woman is my flavor, that is my kind of person. She is my flavor of weird. Hell yeah I thought I was only like that. She's like that too.

Whoever's listening like wherever you're at right Now. It's okay, it's okay, it gets easier but even just setting the vibe of it being like you know what money. I know I've been kind of neglecting you or not treating you real good Treat. You kind of like a booty call or whatever ghost to you. You know all that like let's date. Okay, so I when I check my bank account I'm gonna put on some nice music maybe have a glass of wine like just feel good so that you start to condition your nervous system to feel good with your money and so there's like so much that can go into that and it's yeah, very closely connected to our ability to receive in all the ways our level of self-expression our level of alignment right? Money is energy. That's it.

If your reality right now is reflecting lack of money or is not reflecting abundance. There is so much to be grateful for, for one and when you shift into gratitude you're tapping into the energy of abundance and that's when you're gonna start seeing the changes by being so wildly grateful for everything that you have now while also desiring the next thing right? So one foot in gratitude, one foot in desire. So grateful while also desiring to call in more and then like I said, abundance.

Lean in the direction of what is a hell yes for you What you are so excited about and fired up about and what is like lights you up lean in that direction. Not this stuff. That's like oh well this will make me more money so I'm gonna do it right? Go all in with what you feel your sole purpose is and the soul work, go all in with the main thing and now I'm like oh it's not just 1 thing and being all in not having backup plans. I used to always have backup plans and it wasn't till I went all in on the main thing and I showed up was from a place of service of like oh my gosh I can help so many people and it was really like at the start of the pandemic right? I already told you I have a background in crisis PR for the hospital industry. So while this obviously has been unique for everybody I was like, “Yo this feels really familiar actually on some level I can help people right?” and so I doubled down and I was a maniac. I can help people. I can serve, all of that and real talk coming from a place of service. Showing up from a place of wanting to add massive value and knowing that in adding value to others, I was going to get so much in return like more than I could have imagined. So jump all in into whatever it is that you're fired up about and that lights you up and add massive value.

Thanks for being here!

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