Austyn Newborn Photos | Southern utah Newborn Photographer

Crazy story, but this mama was about two minutes away from dying.... TWO MINUTES!! That was the difference between life + death for her and no, that's not being dramatic in the slightest.

Mama's water broke at 37 weeks and when she went in to the hospital, they decided a C-section would be best to do that day, but they were going to wait until that afternoon. Her doc came in and told her that he actually wanted to deliver within the next hour because he had a feeling that she needed to come out sooner. When they got back to the OR and he got in there, he realized she had a Placental Abruption and she was bleeding out and Austyn's lungs were full of blood.

They were able to get the blood out, but had they waited any longer she wouldn't have made it and mom's life would have also been at risk.

A few days after discharge, mom wasn't feeling well and went into the ER to get checked out. They didn't find anything then, but a few days later she developed a raging headache and went back.

This time they found out she had postpartum preeclampsia and her blood pressure was extremely high. She was now in heart, liver, and kidney failure. She also realized she had been having seizures at home.

They got her blood pressure under control and monitored her for the next few weeks and boy is she grateful!

This little nugget was supposed to be here and what a journey it was getting her here safely! It's crazy how much we put into the doctors hands when it comes to our health sometimes and gosh, how grateful this mama was + I am to have doctors that truly care about their patients! Isn't she the sweetest thing? She's got big things waiting for her in life that's for sure!