Avery Newborn | Cedar City, Utah Photographer

Oh this sweet girl was absolutely perfect! She was beautiful like her mama + I was so excited when Grandma was also willing to step into a few photos herself. It's not often that I get the opportunity to capture all of these relationships during a Newborn Session, but I know that these will be cherished for many years to come.

Mama is number 9 out of 13 kids! Now I cannot even fathom having that many kids running around my house, but these two absolutely loved it! She was the first after a streak of brothers so believe me, she can hang with the best of them! She loved growing up in such a large family because she "Always had a friend to play with." Gosh, I love this so much because really I feel like that is what we all want for our kids is to be friends.

We had so many laughs during their session. It was truly a blast spending the time with these three..... not to mention this beautiful baby! Oh Avery was beautiful and she had the cutest little face. Those little C-section babies always have the roundest head.

When I told mom she had the most perfect lips + I was pretty sure she passed those down to Avery, Grandma started laughing. She said when Jerusha was born, the first thing she noticed was how big her mouth was and how she wasn't sure what to think! ha Those two had the most beautiful relationship and I am so happy I got to see a little snippet of it.

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