Baby Kendal Newborn Session | Cedar City, Utah | Advice for Mamas

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I remember bringing my second baby home and being so nervous about it. Two was my hardest number, but everyone was telling me to watch out for three! Three was a piece of cake compared to my girls, but I also had bigger gaps between my first kids (3 and 3 1/2 years). They were old enough to play together while I could snuggle Jack. The trouble they could get in wasn't reduced however!

If there is one piece of advice I can give to any mama it is to get help after you have baby and especially with number two and beyond. Whether that be from a family member or a friend with a kid close to your toddler in age. They can play and you can snuggle guilt free on the couch and veg.

My postpartum depression wasn't quite as bad with my second baby, but boy did I get down about not having that one-on-one time with her like I got with my first. I wish I knew then what I know now. I was trying to be all brave and do it on my own. People would offer and I'd do the "Oh no, I'm good" thing when really I wasn't. Why is it so hard to ask for help let alone accept it when offered?

I am always so happy when I'm doing a Newborn Session and mamas tell me that their mother-in-law is staying with them or their mom came into town to help out. There's nothing better than getting some help and feeling a little more refreshed. When you can nap with your baby during those first couple weeks, it will make a world of difference.

This little lady was such a dream to photograph. It is the Beauty Behind Life's Chaos that I love to capture and this session included it all.

This little lady was 6lbs 11oz of perfection and loved being able to stretch out and do her own thing.

At just five days old it made her the perfect age to photograph because she was still flexible and easy to console when she cried which she really didn't do much of during this session.

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Her big sister, Harvey was more interested in playing in the curtains than her sister! She loved her to pieces when she would get close and she tried sharing her bow with her.

I always have a few tricks up my sleeve to get some shots with the rebellious kids and I am so grateful they worked during this session because this was a shot that mom really wanted.