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Baby A Newborn Studio Session | Cedar City, Utah Photographer

This mama had been having contractions for a while, but nothing too consistent so she decided to head to work that morning and only lasted about two hours!

She got back home and called the hubs + they went to the hospital only to find out that she was completely dilated and not getting that epidural!

Gah, I don't even know what I would do! Ok, let's be real, you can't do a thang, but have that baby completely unprepared for the pain you'll experience through it all. I'm telling ya, we women are tough cookies when it comes to these things because I'm nearly positive that men couldn't do it ;)

I've been photographing this family for several years now and couldn't be more grateful! They found me shortly after I moved to Cedar City and we've been friends since.

They have two beautiful girls with the most perfect chubby cheeks! It never ceases to amaze me at how fast the kids grow. I feel that life always passes us quickly, but we never quite realize how quickly until we add kids to the mix.

There's nothing I love more than having the ability to watch your kids grow up and capture all of the funnest stages in their lives. From Newborn to One Year is the time in their lives that they change insanely fast and it shows us how quickly life is truly passing us by!

Some days I miss the newborn sleeping on my chest or the first giggles that are so contagious, they make everyone laugh. I'm also grateful to be onto the next stage in life, but if there's one thing I will say it is to savor every moment because it passes quick!


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