Baby Vince Newborn | Southern Utah Studio Photographer

I am the photographer for the sleep deprived Mama that just had a baby. The mama that doesn't want to rifle through all of her clothes mere days after she had a baby. I've got you covered mama from head to toe.... literally.

When you book a Maternity or Newborn Session with me you get it all. I walk you through the entire process and I provide all of your clothing for you and your kids! The hubs is easy + the boys usually are too, but for you ladies, I have a stash of dresses for you choose from and believe me, they are sooo flattering on all shapes and sizes.

I know for some that planning all of your outfits for your session is one of the most daunting tasks. As crazy as it sounds, I plan our clothes months in advance just to make sure we have the right combo.

When pregnant and right after having a baby the thought of trying new things on doesn't always sound like a good time. Your body goes through so many changes + why buy something that you may only wear a handful of times and then it won't fit again.

For me, I'd rather spend my money on something that will last a lifetime such as photos. You will grow out of your clothes, but you will always cherish the memories. This mama loved having dress options so she didn't have to worry about it.

Southern Utah Natural Light Studio Photographer, Cedar City

We went on a cruise with my husband's work last year. The Plumbing Supply house did a big promotion and so many people received the opportunity to go. We just so happened to be on the same cruise with this Mom and Dad + what a blast it was!

I had to give them crap at their Pregnancy Session because this little guy came to be during that trip! ha

Stella was beyond excited to have a baby brother and she loves him to the moon and back. When she got to hold him during their session, her eyes lit up! She's so happy to have this little guy to help mama with.