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I must say that in our neck of the woods, school starts tomorrow for my oldest three and next week for my youngest. While I'm ready to go back to a more structured schedule, it's a bittersweet feeling for me. I will have one in high school this year + I'm not too sure how I feel about that! Annnnd the icing on this sappy cake is the fact that my youngest will be in Kindergarten. Ya know how they tell you not to blink because it goes faster than you can ever imagine?! Well, I'm now living that reality and can't believe how fast these past 14 years have flown! Now, I'm not gonna lie I have thought on a few occasions, how nice it might be to have a few hours each day to work so I can spend some time with my kids in the afternoons. Summers get rough when I'm working with constant interruptions and not much luck finding a sitter.

That being said, this year it's feeling a little bittersweet as we enter this next phase of life. No more kids at home all the time, no little sidekick while running errands, but I am grateful that we'll have the opportunity to still eat lunch together for one more school year!

As we jumped into school shopping, I knew I wanted to keep things fairly neutral. My older girls are starting to develop their own style + the younger two still let me pick some. Throughout the school year, their styles end up changing -- sometimes by a little, and sometimes by a lot! I've found that stocking up on neutral patterns and colors keeps their closet versatile, no matter where their style choices end up going!

I collected a few of our faves to share with you -- some of our favorite tried and true brands that have stood the test of time for our kids.

I don't love spending a lot on tops, but when it comes to shoes, we love Converse and Vans. We've found that they just stay put together the longest -- we all know how hard kids are on shoes!

Old Navy has some of the cutest, most comfortable, most DURABLE jeans I've found! All my kids do have great luck with Old Navy Jeans, and they don't tear at the first wild play day!

We ALL know how shopping for backpacks go.. the colors, styles, all the bells and whistles are what keeps kids "cool" these days, however, these backpacks are CONSISTENTLY my go-to with my kids! They actually last throughout the school year -- that's right! And they carry just about everything. Who else wants something durable and WORTH THE MONEY?!

What are some of YOUR favorite back to school clothing items? What have you found helps you make the school year just a little bit easier?

Talk to you next time!


Here are some faves:

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