Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Basic Invite for Your Holiday (or any) Card Needs | Southern Utah

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It's that time of year again! The time of year that we all say, boy, I can't believe Christmas is only three months away. This is typically when I start to think about getting our photo Christmas cards done and how on top of it I am going to be this year + then procrastinate till the end.

Well, not this year thanks to Basic Invite. I am so glad I found them and they have been amazing to work with!

I have created a Pinterest board to keep me inspired to create one this year and a lot of them are from them.

There are a few things that I look for in a company before I decide to purchase from them or send a client their way. I am going to give you my top five below:

1. CUSTOMER SERVICE: I am proud to offer my clients great customer service and I would not feel good sending them to a company that didn't feel the same. It seems that the world is moving at such a fast-pace that this detail often gets overlooked. This is one the reasons I love Basic Invite so much. Their service is seriously the best!

They are so quick to respond to questions and help you along the way when deciding what to purchase or what will look best. Everyone I know that have ordered through them were so happy with the experience.

2. OPTIONS: I am a very simple person and I love a clean and simple card. I don't need all of the fluff, but sometimes I like to change it up a little. I like subtle, neutral colors and happy holiday cards!

Basic Invite has nearly unlimited colors available to you so that you are able to choose exactly what you want. They have over 180 colors to choose from and make it so easy you just scroll through them and look at a sample bubble of each color next to their names.

You can select a design and change the color of every element on that card. This allows you to have that one of a kind card without being a professional stationary designer.

If you do love designing your own and have the know how, you can also upload your own design. Like I said, so many options!

They also offer foils either flat or raised in Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold which is so popular and so beautiful right now. The foil adds a fun touch without being over the top. Just a simple shimmer to make your card awesome!

3. ADDRESS CAPTURING SERVICE: Tired of addressing what feels like a million envelopes for those holiday party invitations? Have a baby shower coming up or do you want to mail out Birth announcements, but don't have the time? Basic Invite saves your buns with their Address Capturing Service!

You get a link to share on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform you use so you can request addresses from friends and family. By using the link, the addresses are stored in your account and you can select to have them printed on your envelopes at no extra cost. Say what?! This is HUGE & will save you hours of your time.

4. PEEL & STICK ENVELOPES: This may seem silly, but there is nothing I hate more than licking 50 envelopes. Boy, does that adhesive taste terrible and using a wet rag or sponge takes forever and is so redundant.

Not only does do these guys save your tongues by offering peel and stick envelopes, you can also select your envelope color to match your invitation. They have over 40 envelope colors to choose from and they are all peel and stick friends! No more re-licking corners or grabbing the tape for you!