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Bealer Family at Red Acre Farm | Southern Utah Photographer

This was my first time shooting a session at Red Acre Farm and I must say it was a blast! There is so much for the kids to do + the little buildings make the perfect backdrops.

I always see their cute little "Open" sign, but I never knew how things worked. Do you go into the little building and there's a cashier that helps you find what you need or do you knock on the door.

So, if you have the same questions I did, I'm here to give you some answers today!

There is no cashier inside waiting for you behind a register. They have bread and all the goodies they sell in the little shed and you go in + leave the money inside. You can by chicken feed to feed the chickens as well.

When I did this family session, their kids begged for a loaf of Sour Dough bread. Mom gave them some money and they happily went in and grabbed one.

I'm not a fan of Sourdough, but I'm thinking of trying one of their other variations. When I do, I'll let ya know how it is!

This mama owns the most darling boutique called Everyday Eden. They have clothing, shoes, and accessories. You can visit her website at

The kids had a blast wandering around to see all of the animals and feeding the chickens was a highlight. They went crazy for the seed and the kids thought it was great to watch them run wild!

Gosh, these kids were so darling! I always love photographing families with young kids because there is so much spunk and personality to go around.

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Gorgeous family + some pretty awesome kids made for a fun session even though that good ol' Cedar City wind decided to show up!

Thanks for stopping by!

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