Our ColdStrike marketing strategy... is it working? | Braving the Mountain Podcast

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself… is it working?

Before Dustin and I got married, we quickly figured out there were kinks in our relationship to be worked out. But, who doesn’t have those, right? It became all about finding what was best for ourselves, our marriage, and our baby coming soon!

Fast forward about 12 years, what was a sore spot became a budding dream. We wanted to make Dustin’s passion for chasing lion a family thing! Of course, adding kids on any adventure adds its own fun, right? Ha! We had to learn a lot of patience, take the time to slow down, and work to find our new groove -- sometimes that meant resolving sibling fights, finding new snacks, or creating a fun music playlist on the drive!

Once we got started, finding the proper, good quality clothing we needed for the family was very difficult. In 2019, we decided to start our Hunting Fam page to create our own, and of course, to “Inspire families to brave the mountains together.” We set off on an adventure and are now more than a year down the road, launching our company soon!

Our mission during all of this has been to “Inspire families to brave the mountains together”, as I mentioned before! We wanted to keep that mission throughout our business. There have been ups and downs, trenches to fall in and hills to climb, but linking arms and pulling each other over the mountain together, shifting mindset, and bringing passion to the table makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!

We hope to give you real life tips + tricks to bring the kids along, we want to be the one stop shop for houndsmen and their families to find great quality gear to wear, and we hope to lift others up along the way.

I’m here to tell you that there are plenty of people in this world that might invest in you because of who YOU are and that is one thing no one else has. The sooner you understand that the uniqueness you bring to the table is yourself, your ideas, and your personality, the better off you’ll be building that dream you wanna build.

It’s time to stop the excuses and reframe. You choose what you wanna do and run with it!

If you are feeling called toward something that may seem unconventional, put your blinders on, drop the excuses, stay in your lane and you do you boo!

Until next time…