Breaking Your Arms and Pregnancy | Cedar City, Utah | Studio Photographer

Can you imagine being five months pregnant + breaking not one, but both of your arms? Billie Jean did just that and lived to tell the tale! She was out walking the dog and and she fell. No tripping over the leash or the dog taking off, she said she just fell at ground level and broke her arms while breaking her fall.

Talk about an experience right? She said it was one of the worst because at this point in her pregnancy she was unable to take any pain medication and it was so painful!

When I was talking to her about it during her session she said that luckily her hubs was able to set up his office at home to help her with their two year old while she healed. With a cast on each arm, Zach had to help her with everything because she had next to no mobility with her casts.

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She said if she wanted to watch Netflix, he would have to put the laptop in just the right spot on her lap and tilt the screen just so so she could watch and if she had an itch, she needed help for that as well!

She laughs about it now, but boy she said it was an experience for sure. She's now grateful to be all healed so that she can hold her baby in her arms when she arrives.

Kinda crazy the things we go through to bring these little humans into the world! The body's ability to heal + the ability to create a human still amazes me today!

Isn't their daughter the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Oh the faces that girl pulled out for this session were killer! Mom was laughing so hard because she didn't know where all of it was coming from. I sure love photographing kids for this very reason!