Brylin Senior Session | Cedar City, Utah

I absolutely love photographing Seniors! They are always full of excitement for the next adventure in life and this girl was no exception.

She is a beautiful person inside and out and I enjoyed getting to know her during her session. Her Dad is our vet and I absolutely adore her mom! Her little sister and my daughter are good friends and that is how we all got connected in this neck of the woods.

When her mom asked if I would take her Senior Pictures of course I said yes! There is nothing I love more than photographing such an exciting time in life. She is so excited to move onto the next chapter and begin college at SUU.

This girl is so smart! She scored very well on her ACT and got early admission to college because of her high school 'career!'

Senior Photographer, Southern Utah

She loves Chemistry and is thinking about going into Pharmacy. She wants something that will allow her more flexibility in her schedule yet still offer great pay and I think she found it!

It is always so much fun to laugh and joke + talk about the next adventure in life. She is ready to leave high school and move onto the next phase. She was in band and on the Drill Team + enjoyed them both.

One thing she said during her session that I loved was how her experiences whether good or bad have shaped her into who she is today.

I loved her take on that. Our past experiences don't define us, but they do make us who we are today. Whether good or bad, we learn what we want to do or what we don't want to do. Either way, we have those defining moments where we have a choice to make.