Build a bridge and reach goals quicker | Southern Utah | Braving the Mountain Podcast

Just because you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you don’t need to do it blindly! Today we’re going to talk about building a bridge. In business, I’m talking about finding a mentor, an accountability partner, or a friend who is a little farther than you and can help you along the way.

Find what works for you, to get from your starting point to your ending point. BUT, you have to be willing and ready to have a coach, a mentor, to put in the work. It is TOUGH! But without this drive and motivation, you will not receive the benefits.

Make sure you’re in the right headspace before you involve anyone else in this process. It’s a grind to start a new business!

Build a bridge and believe in yourself! Find someone to help guide you through to get where you want to go.

Now, they’re not going to lay it all out for you, they’re just helping you along the way. You are you, YOU need to determine what success means for you.

You can chase your dreams! You can do whatever you want in life, BUT it’s not easy. Regardless, find someone to help you build your bridge, to guide you through the blind spots, and encourage YOU to make the right decisions to help you reach your goal.

You can do this!