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Burgess Newborn Session | Southern Utah Photographer

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Mamas having summer babies, this is for you! I am now smitten with Outdoor Newborn Sessions.

I have been wanting to do one for a long time now, but none of my clients have been too keen on the idea so when this mama called asking you bet I was all over it!

There's just something about being in the mountains + away from it all with the people that mean the most to you. It's a stunning backdrop that you don't see here often with Newborns.

We drove up the canyon + straight into not only the beautiful mountains, but cooler weather as well! If you're looking to escape some of that summer heat + have it still be comfortable enough to have a good time then this is your answer.

I had such a blast hanging with this family again. I photographed Lexy when she was pregnant and did Hank's Newborn photos after he was born. I can't believe how fast time flies. Baby number two and Hank is 18 months old!

The farther I am diving into this photography journey of mine, the more I am discovering what I love.... The Beauty Behind Life's Chaos, the candid moments between you and your people, and the authentic relationships your family has with one another.

When I used to pose families, no one wanted to cooperate and Dad always hated it. I know that family photos aren't always Dad's fave, but a stress-free more journalistic style has been more easily accepted!

After these sessions the dads will typically walk up to me and say, "That session was actually fun" and they tell me thank you!

I enjoy watching your family interact, the kids play, and you and your main squeeze snuggle up to watch the action. This is what we do in life and I think capturing life as it is will mean the most.

We create memories together that you will be proud to share for generations to come.

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