The Business of Making Friends | Southern Utah | Coaching | Podcast

We met some amazing friends a few months ago, and couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. As we’ve built ColdStrike on Instagram, it has been amazing to me the community that opens up behind the scenes.

We met Buddy, who is the owner of the Double U Hunting Supply as well as the rest of his family. I had the opportunity to get to know his wife, Laura pretty well! She started their family business in the middle of having kids -- a huge inspiration for me!

Both of them were actually a huge inspiration for us -- they did exactly what Dustin and I are doing now, but got their start years ago! They showed me that this CAN be done. I got so excited to take this step with Dustin and WORK HARD to change our lives + find our happy place.

I had the opportunity to interview Laura, which you will hear that episode next week! But, in the middle of our interview, she said, “I’m just Laura” and for some reason this struck a chord with me. Boy, am I here to tell you that she is NOT JUST Laura!

It got me thinking… don’t ever think you’re just something! Laura is an amazing, fun, woman and we had some good conversations. She’s the friend I never knew I needed! We both love exercise, eating “hippy” food as the hubbies call it, and braving our mountain to create the life we love!

We went on the trip to get some insight on the pant line we are creating for our clothing line! We ended up leaving with new friendships made. When we go back, I know we’ll pick up RIGHT where we left off! It’s the type of friendship that will continue to build, together and separately, and I enjoy knowing that we will be a support system for each other.

Getting to meet new people and make friends along the way is priceless. You can learn a lot about people by spending a few days, seeing how they roll, and watching how they interact with others!

Needless to say, don’t be afraid to chase a life you love + make friends along the way! Find those friends that will build you up, challenge you, and encourage you to continue on.

Those are the ones to find and hold onto. Brave the Mountain TOGETHER, not alone. Take the leap of faith -- You’ve got this!