Cedar Breaks Motherhood Session | Southern Utah Photographer

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Motherhood is a tricky thing isn't it? I've always taken great pride at being able to mother patiently, but there are some instances it is so hard.

Regardless of the struggles we all feel and the challenges we face, there's nothing quite like doing it on our own.

I only get a small taste of this each year as my husband guides Elk hunts for six weeks, but this mama does it all on her own.

She recently got a divorce and has been navigating the waters of single motherhood for quite some time.

I must say that she does it quite beautifully and her girls are absolute dolls! She said it has it's ups and downs not having someone else around to help, but she's grateful to have her girls with her.

This mama is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. I met her at the Chiropractor of all places so for those of you mamas who don't get out much + wonder how to meet new friends here ya go!

They love being outdoors and going on hikes so Cedar Breaks was the perfect backdrop for their session. There was plenty of room for the kids to roam and the weather... I know boring to talk about the weather, but it was perfect!

My goal this year is to capture emotions that truly show the relationship between you and your kids. We moms struggle to step in front of the camera and if I'm being honest, I'm horrible at it. We spend so much time behind the camera or making excuses and it's time that we stop + exist in photos. When we are gone, what will our kids find?

This is our legacy and the one tangible memory we can leave with our loved ones to always remember us by. These photos are such a priceless gift.