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Cedar City Family Photography | H Family From Montana

This family flew in all the way from Montana for some Southern Utah Family photos. They have taken lots of photos in the green and wanted a change in scenery. I honestly couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity to not only meet them, but capture their story.

These two met when they were 16 and have been together since. We had a blast during their session telling jokes + telling their kids they were happy surprises! ha ha I honestly feel like getting pregnant and having kids doesn't always happen on our time, but it always seems to work out just as it should doesn't it?

Many of you may know that our first was definitely not planned, but I always say that it bumped our wedding date up a few years and things worked out + our relationship was one of those that gets sweeter with time. I think these two feel the same and I absolutely loved being able to capture the love between them.

They are one of the funnest families I've photographed to date. What amazing parents and amazing kids!

Their kids are into sports with the older girls playing Lacrosse and their boy plays hockey. This keeps them on their toes + traveling often to keep up and they love it!

They were seriously so much fun and their kids were hilarious! My favorite part about this session was being able to joke and laugh the entire time.

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These girls were so much fun! All we had to tell them to do was to get their "Instagram posing on" and they knew exactly what to do.

When I asked Kinslyn if she like having her picture taken she told me, "You can tell by the smile on my face I do!" You could tell she was the little spitfire in their family for sure.

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The love this family had for each other was something else. There was so much laughter, teasing, tickling, and joking around during this session. They all had an amazing relationship with each other and it was so fun capturing these moments.


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