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Harper Turns One | Cedar City Natural Light Studio

Oh what a darling session this was! I photographed this girl when she was a Newborn and I was beyond excited when Mama wanted a Cake Smash Session for her! I absolutely love my studio when it comes to sessions like these. We don't have to worry about dirt in the cake and the natural light is unreal. Mom wanted a more organic look for the cake with the greenery and flowers and it turned out beautifully.

I was so excited when mom asked to be in a few shots. I love it when moms are willing to step in front of the camera with their kids. These are the things + the moments that we will want to remember 20 years from now.

I never want my kids to ask where I was when looking through their photos. I want to be there, in that moment with them so they have that tangible memory to hold onto forever.

The relationship between these two was to die for! Harper is a Mama's girl for sure.

She wasn't too keen on the idea of actually smashing the cake. She wanted the flower on top instead. She was really into trying to share that with everyone instead.

We finally got her to dig in to the cake a little bit and once she realized how delicious it was, she was all over eating it.

Cake Smash Inspiration, One Year Milestone, Baby Girl, Natural Light Studio, Cedar City, Utah

Happy one year Harper! You are such a beautiful baby girl and the chub you have is amazing. I kinda just wanted to squeeze your cheeks!

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