Cedar City, Utah Studio Photographer | JJ Cake Smash!

Cake Smash, Southern Utah, White Studio, Photographer, Cedar City

Boy oh boy I love celebrating with you mamas when your babies turn one + this guy's session was no exception.

I'll be the first to tell ya, once you have kids, time flies fast! I believe it flies fast regardless, but at the pace kids grow, it just seems to like it moves at warp speed!

I met JJ's dad Jasen four years ago when they came to look at the townhouse we were renting. We had a short term lease and our house was close to being finished. They wanted out of California and to live somewhere that felt safer for their family.

Funny story is he ended up booking a pregnancy session for his lady and after that session Crystal and I became friends.

Jasen owned a tattoo studio here in town but has since moved down to St George so you better believe when Crystal calls me for another session I am so excited to hang for a bit!

We don't see each other as often as we used to and it's always a good time when the kids can play while we catch up.

I honestly couldn't believe that this boy was turning one when she called, but I was excited.

This age is so much fun! They can be unpredictable and either hate the cake or love it. In this case he wanted nothing to do with it, but not a tear was shed this entire session!

He enjoyed laughing while doing all the things we didn't want him to and the curtains definitely needed a good washing after he smeared frosting all over in them.

It seems that from 6 months on kids get so interactive and are so much fun. JJ was looking pretty dapper in his suspenders and bow tie + he knew it!

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